Colorful Nyhavn. Colorful Nyhavn.

Two days spent cycling around Copenhagen and you can see a lot!

  • Hotel Kong Arthur is fantastic! The room was small but clean and modern. We were able to easily get bicycles each morning to explore the city. The best way to see Copenhagen is on a bike!
  • Tivoli Gardens was incredible! I think the only better time to visit besides Halloween would have been Christmas. We walked from our hotel to Tivoli easily stopping by Tap Room 32 for a cold beer beforehand and cycling to Cafe Munk for some amazing Indian food afterwards. I would recommend this place before going anywhere in Copenhagen because it was so entertaining and magical.
  • Nyhavn is beautiful but there really wasn’t much to do other than eat and walk around.
  • Freetown Christiania is a cool little hippy neighborhood. I would recommend going during the day.
  • Rosenborg Castle is beautiful. I love castles and will continue try to go inside any castle I come near. FYI: The red hut if for the guards. Don’t go in there, otherwise they will yell at you.
  • The Strøget was a great area for shopping, dining, and grabbing a danish. I love cobblestone and brick roads.
  • The Church of our Saviour (Spire) was cool, but it was closed so we couldn’t go up. It is very close to Christiania, so we took a quick pedal over there instead.
  • The Tower was once the home of kings and queens. You can access the top for a view of the city for free. It is a great view! We went in the evening at had the whole entire view to ourselves basically.
  • Indulge your senses in ALL of the food.  I tried a Smørrebrød (open faced sandwich) and was sadly disappointed after spending 181 Kroner on lunch. The danishes are all delicious though.
  • Out by the harbor is where The Little Mermaid is found, near St Alban’s Church. It was a long cycle there, but clearly worth it after I purchased a Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid book.