Looking out below at Bavaria from inside Neuschwanstein Castle Looking out below at Bavaria from inside Neuschwanstein Castle

““Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.” ”

— Hans Christian Anderson

Germany is so very different than what I imagined. The castles are as dramatic as the “crazy” King’s who built them. The blue sky and the mountains that surround Bavaria are are just as impressive. The food in this country wasn’t my favorite of the trip, but I also was only given two days to explore. The small towns of Bavaria like Füssen were my favorite compared to Munich.


  • We stayed at a hotel right next to Neuschwanstein Castle called Schlossrestaurant Neuschwanstein. I don’t believe you can stay any closer to the castle than this. Although the location was excellent, the room was okay and the bathroom was communal. This was one of my least favorite places we stayed in Europe. It was also really difficult to check in here after hours.
  • GO TO ALL THE CASTLES!!! It is beyond me how the 19th Century built these insanely huge castles on top of giant hills. Neuschwanstein is so impressive in any picture you see, but seeing it in person blew my mind. I wish that we had more time to spend after the morning tour. Hohenschwangau was closed for renovation, which we didn’t find out until we picked up our tickets that morning. This was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II.
  • Hofbräuhaus and Rathskellar were bucket list items. I am an avid “Oktoberfest” supporter in the U.S. I wear my dirndl every year! So although it wasn’t Oktoberfest at the time, it was nice to be able to get a seat right away and enjoy a cold brew and meal.
  • The drive around southern Germany and seeing all of the quaint, colorful towns was just as fun as seeing the castles. Füssen was a charming town less than ten minutes from Neuschwanstein Castle where we did a bit of shopping.
  • Driving from Munich to Bavaria was pretty easy. The roads are simple and you drive on the right side. Driving on the Autobahn was fine because I mostly stayed in the right lane and let everyone going super fast pass me. Also, Ausfarht means Exit and you will see it constantly while on the road and its okay to chuckle.