NOLA – New Orleans

A Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA

 St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

I have to say, this was my first time in New Orleans, so I had zero expectations. The Bachelorette party was on Easter weekend last year and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. When I arrived to our Airbnb lunch had also just been delivered. PoBoy’s, coleslaw, gumbo, mac and cheese, and jambalaya. Later I found out this food came from a local “convenience store” which we all ending up going back to and I discovered how tiny the place actually was. The food was so amazing, I went back two more times just for the Muffuletta’s.

You cannot go to New Orleans without stopping at Cafe Du Monde for a beignet at least once. Also noted,ย Cafe Beignet is equally delicious and the patio space may be cozier.

NOLA the restaurant was fabulous. It is owned by Emeril Lagasse. Probably the best food in the city (sorry little convenience store).

Food aside. New Orleans is a bright, colorful city bustling with friendly, happy, helpful people, some playing magical brass instruments. Wherever you go there is music to be heard. The ambience is 100% of what makes your experience so special.

I would also recommend doing a Historic Ghost Tour. It’s the best way to discover the roots of the city you are walking within. FYI: There were a lot of pirates! We did Haunted History Ghost Tours, which is actually ranked the best tour. You can choose from ghost, vampire, or cemetery. It is a two hour tour (we did it just before it got dark), exploring the French Quarter’s dark history.

The only negative part of the city is the smell, and unfortunately the amount of cockroaches that presented themselves to me. If you stay out late enough or are up early enough (as I was for Easter mass one morning) you will discover that they bleach the sidewalks. The bleach smell is better than the other smells in this city. Despite this, I will be coming back one day!