Lucerne, Interlaken, and St Moritz…

Oh Switzerland. There isn’t a bad photograph anywhere in this country. I must say, staying at Château Gütsch in Lucerne was like staying in a castle. The building was constructed in 1888 on top of a hill off Lake Lucerne, inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It’s stunning. The details in this hotel are amazing. It is one of the fanciest and most fascinating hotels I have ever stayed. The elevator is probably the tiniest I have ever been in carrying only two people comfortably. The views from the open balcony are incredible. The main restaurant is downstairs in the basement which has a large outdoor patio with a panoramic view overlooking the city. The food is fabulous!

To get down to the city you can drive or take an inclined lift or railway serviced by the hotel. Which is absolutely the best route up/down for the experience! Once in the city center Chapel Bridge, The Dying Lion of Lucerne, and the Sacral Baroque Church are all within walking distance along Lake Lucerne.

FYI: Everything is incredibly expensive in Switzerland. But, still make sure to get some fondue while you are here. You will spend $30 a person on a small portion of fondue for lunch and the same at a McDonalds for a fish-o-filet, small fry, and a small coke. Water is not free. There are also no free refills on coke at McDonald’s. Starbucks is almost $10 for a tall specialty drink. (I had a Vampire Frappuchino because it was Halloween). We were told Restaurant Fritschi had the best fondue around, it was delicious but expensive.

The drive from Lucerne to Interlaken was short and gorgeous! It was a mostly foggy day in Interlaken, so the views were obscured but you had the sense of being surrounded by mountains on each side. The small downtown is walkable and quaint. There is a small park filled with cows wearing cowbells. I could have listened to those cowbells all day.