What a charming city. Right in between Germany and Italy is this quaint, colorful, little town surrounded by mountains and crystals.

Hotel Innsbruck is a modern hotel right in the middle of it all. To access the parking garage you drive right into a car elevator that is right in the building. Very cool experience. The station wagon rental barely fit into the elevator though. After checking into the hotel we wandered around the accessible streets in Innsbruck along the river. This is a good time to pick up some Austrian crystal jewelry! We had dinner at the Goldener Adler Restaurant, and I think this one of the best meals on the whole trip. (We definitely did the three courses here!) Maybe it was the wine, but this place was incredibly charming.

In the morning we went out to explore more of the city that was right below us. Children were playing violins in the middle of the courtyard, the young boy wore a lederhosen and the little girl a dirndl-like dress. They were incredibly simple and the whole experience in that moment beautiful. We had so little time in Austria, but Innsbruck was a quick treat!